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Lashing points policy on Stena Line vessels

Dear Sirs,
Dear Freight Customers!

Stena Line is working according to SAFETY FIRST rule, which is based on all valid safety regulations for sea transport.

Please be reminded that all freight units being shipped on Stena Line ferry routes, both accompanied and unaccompanied,must be equipped with approved lashing brackets/lashing points so they can be securely and safely stowed.This regulationis based on International Maritime Organisation (IMO) "Code of Safe Practice for cargo Stowage and Securing" which requires every freight unit to be equipped with at least four (4) approved lashing brackets/lashing points on each side, to ensure loading and lashing in a safe manner for sea transport.

The autumn has just begun. Storms and unreliable weather changes are more frequent. In such conditions it is extremely important that we are able to lash all units in a proper way to ensure safety on board.

It may be reasonable for all companies, even those which have been shipping with us for some time, to arrange a check of the vehicles used on Stena Line routes to ensure they comply with IMO regulations.

Please find below Stena Line's Policy for securing cargo which is integral part of every freight contract. 

2017_Policy_for_Securing_Cargo.pdf (294 KB) Download

Freight Customer Service Team Gdynia