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Freight Forwarding

Our company is mainly operating on the field of road transportation. We organize transports first of all between Hungary/Romania and all the European countries including countries outside  of the European Community as well. The smooth transportation and the delivery of consignments, full and part- loads are done by 1/ 1,5/ 3/ 3,5 and 24 tonns trucks.

The capacity at our disposal includes possibility to transport normal commercial, dry and refrigerated goods, textiles, hanging garments etc. Our good co-operation with forwarding partners and experienced team of professionals all over Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Romania, France, Slovakia etc.) helps us to successfully serve customers in tasks related with warehousing and customs facilities as well.

The co-ordination is done by our foreign language speaking staff on dutyeven on week-ends. The tracking of goods are done through cell phones kept with the truck drivers.