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Eurotunnel Truck Park

Dear Customer,

As part of our major Freight Terminals improvement in 2015, we informed you that Eurotunnel had made significant investments to provide a secure Truck Park in Coquelles for your drivers.

As you are fully aware, at the same time, our priority was also to reinforce the protection of our French terminal, resulting in the installation of additional high fences all around the perimeter of our terminal. We also decided to convert some of the Truck Park spaces into a dedicated buffer zone in order to keep drivers away from the motorway when waiting to use our service.

Most recently, in order to further enhance our security controls, we have also added a new heartbeat detector.

Now that these major improvements have been completed, we inform you that we are now able to officially open our new secure Eurotunnel Truck Park in Coquelles.

Conveniently located within our French terminal, customers benefit from the highest level of security with lighting, high fences, CCTV cameras, thermal detection, regular patrols and 24/7 monitoring from our dedicated Control Centrer.

Drivers can easily stop for a quick break, grab a snack, refuel at the Total service station or enjoy any of the services available within our Eurotunnel Truck Park.

Please note that the parking rates are applicable from 1st September 2017.THE FIRST HOUR will remain free of charge.

To find out more about our services, please visit www.eurotunnelfreight.com/truckpark  .

Kind regards

Freight Commercial Team