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Transport of goods in controlled temperature conditions

Dear Freight Customers!

Due to the continuous strong growth in demand for the transport of fridged units ( both accompanied and unnacompanied ) on the Karlskrona-Gdynia route and according to our main principle which is Safety First, we would like to draw your attention to the condition of fridged trailers but mainly the condition of the refrigeration units.

We would like to ask you to raise the awareness of this issue among your drivers/hauliers as well as those responsible for the technical condition of your fleet. In the case of detection of any abnormalities in the refrigeration unit’s operation, the unit must be subject to immediate control in an authorized service. Some faults to be aware of are:
  • loud or unusual sounds during the operation of the refrigeration unit noisy operation of the belt
  • sparks/smoke
  • Other signs of unusual/malfunctioning of the unit including: too high power consumption, overloading electrical protection system, etc.
We would also like to ask you to regularly check the operation of the refrigeration units when connected to external sources of electricity (cables) and assess the risk of a short circuit. Also check the condition of the wiring and electrical sockets.

Please be aware that every case of an improperly functioning refrigeration unit creates a substantial threat to the shipboard safety and can cause serious damage (repairs to such damage are very costly and often exceed the scope of standard insurance cover) or may be the cause of fire on board.

Each case of the malfunctioning of a cooling unit will be reported to the driver or the company. However we do ask that all trailers without exception are tested by an electrician/authorized service station regularly and after receiving information from Stena Line about any defects, please check the unit immediately after discharging (both in diesel and externally powered mode).

Please be informed that during the crossing our crew regularly monitors the operation of refrigeration units and in the case of any concerns will immediately inform the vehicle's driver and take all necessary actions, including even unplugging the unit in order to ensure the safety of the cruise. To prevent such a scenario, we suggest the fridged units are thoroughly inspected by the driver before every planned journey.

Bearing in mind the responsibility that goes with the transporting goods in controlled temperature conditions, we strongly advice that you take this message seriously.

Freight Customer Service Team Gdynia