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Additional capacity between Europoort and Killingholme

Additional capacity between Europoort and Killingholme

The ongoing increased demand from our freight customers using the route between
Hoek van Holland and Killingholme will result in additional capacity. The two
ships have been full on peak departures for quite some time and the route is
currently operating with 85% deck utilization.This means that we are not able
to accommodate the increased demands from our customers.  

As from the 2nd September Stena Line will bring one more ship between Europoort
and Killingholme as additional freight capacity to the North Sea route network in
order to meet increased demands from our customers.
The Stena Scotia (built in 1996) will offer six extra sailings per week for
trailers,containers (limited) and maximum 12 driver accompanied spaces.

Stena Line takes this opportunity to accommodate our customers’ increased demands
and to test the market’s readiness for more capacity. However, instead of Hoek van
Holland the vessel will make use of the port in Rotterdam, the Europoort terminal.
Economic growth in the UK is picking up and the freight market between the UK and
the Continent is showing continued strong signs of recovery and development.
We believe Stena Scotia will provide a great complement to Stena Transit and
Stena Transporter.

We look forward to welcome your traffic on board the Stena Scotia. 

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